Gerda Gassner

At the “First Austrian Camel Riding School” is the camel expert and owner of the traditional factory “Rudolf Gassner & Sons” (rubber band and leather belt production). Along with her husband Werner, they give their knowledge and “camel fever” to interested parties.

Passion and fascination for “desert ships”

Patience, endurance, and persistence are the incredible qualities of camels themselves and in times of dire need they raise the strength to overcome great difficulties. These characteristics have fascinated and motivated Gerda Gassner, entrepreneur since childhood, into establishing the “First Austrian camel riding school”

First camel contact

Gerda’s first contact with camels was in 1978 in Egypt. These fascinating animals have accompanied her life since then. Azza was the first camel which found its home in Eitental in December 1978; some months later – in May 1979 – Azza’s son Bassam was born. Today there are ponies, camelids and horses and on their property.